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The GrunkleGuru

Grunkle is a slang term for the thick rough on a golf course that I have been using for many years. Given my penchant for inaccurate tee balls, I have become a bit of a guru out of the thick stuff, hence the name. This is a site for my random thoughts about sports (espeically golf) and life in general. While nothing special, it will hopefully offer a break from the daily drudgery for both you and me.

January 31, 2005

Duke Alum Can't Close Deal

After 5 days of golf in Palm Springs, most golfers would be thrilled about the experience that it provided them. For the players on the PGA tour only one is truly happy. This year it is Justin Leonard who shot a final round 67 to overtake Duke Alum Joe Ogilvie. While I am sure Ogilvie is disappointed in the finish, a man who lists Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as his heroes will no doubt put his $413,600.00 winnings to good use.

However, the biggest story from this past week’s event is not the winner, but rather the player who finished last this week. From British Open champion David Duval shot 30 over par for the first 4 rounds and proceeded to miss the cut by 41 shots. It got so bad on Saturday at Tamarisk that Duval went triple bogey, triple bogey, triple bogey, par, double bogey to finish up a round of 85.

ESPN does a weekend round up known as the Weekly 18 (which is a great re-cap of the weekend in golf), and Duval is the lead story. They re-cap some of the disturbing stats, but also make mention of two important facts. First, in 1999 Duval shot a final round 59 to win this event. Second, he shot a fourth round 72 after opening with a double bogey.

This leads me to believe that he still has talent and desire. It would have been much easier to withdraw, or not put forth the effort to grind out a round, but instead he sucked it up and put together a solid round to finish his week. Duval has had a tough go of it since his British Open victory in 2001, and while I can only speak for myself, I hope he is able to get out of this funk and become a regular on the leader board once again.

January 27, 2005

Solving The Problem Of Too Much Sleep

While I realize that most people do not have the above problem, I am sure that it afflicts more then we will ever know. However, I have stumbled across a scientific breakthrough that might solve this global problem.

Step 1 - Have your wife give birth to a beautiful baby girl

Step 2 - Watch her grow up for about 10 m0nths

Step 3 - Notice how she has the uncanny ability to wrap you around her tiny finger

Step 4 - Wait for her to get about 4 new teeth at the same time, and viola...

A perfectly inconsistent sleep pattern.

I hope this is solution proves helpful for all who need it.

Time for coffee!

January 26, 2005

PGA Bob Hope Chrysler Classic...Go Low or Go Home!

No, it is not Thursday, but you wouldn't know that by the PGA Tour schedule. While most events are one round (update: meant to say four rounds thanks Patrick), the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic taking place this week is a 5 round event.

If you are a firm believer in the sanctity of par (like the USGA members responsible for the U.S. Open), DO NOT WATCH THIS WEEK.

The Bob Hope Tournament is played on courses that are regularly ranked as the easiest the players see each year. For example, I just checked the leaderboard, and if you are at even par you are tied for 87th (keep in mind the first groups have only played about 14 holes so far).

Personally, I love events like this. Where players are forced to play aggressive golf to keep pace makes golf fun. It leads to exciting finishes, and since this is a lower tier event you get to see some of the rookies and inexperienced players try to make a name for themselves. So if the weather is crappy, plop on the couch and watch some great golf!

January 25, 2005

Practice...We're Talking About Practice

While Allen Iverson has never been a big fan of practice, I for one am going to take advantage of the weather and go hit some balls tonight. I love the fact that it is January and the golf god’s have smiled on us this week with a break in the dreary winter weather.

If anyone is looking for a place to hit balls I strongly recommend Carolina Golf. They have a great facility there of HWY 68 with numerous stations as well as targets at varying distances. Just a great place to go, get away from the pressures of work and spend some time doing something you love.

January 24, 2005

Guess Who Won?

The Foggy Bottom Open (also known as the Buick Invitational) wrapped up yesterday afternoon after a grueling Sunday in which the leaders played 30 plus holes on a 7,500 yard tract. Given the weather delays, and being up against the football games, I did not see much, but some things stick out after Tiger Woods victory.

He is starting to play at a high level (3 wins and a third in his last 4 starts)

He still can’t hit the fairway (less than half the time this weekend)

He is putting very well right now

He got lucky

He did not get lucky in winning the tournament as he played well enough to win, but he almost gave it away on the last hole, when trying to fly the pond fronting the 18th green he hit it thin right into a 5 yard wide fairway. 2 yards to the left and it is wet (virtually assuring a playoff as his best case scenario), and two yards right he is in the rough and the lie would dictate the play (meaning anything could happen). It is luck like that that helps golfers win tournaments. There is virtually no scenario where a golfer will play 4 rounds of golf where he did not need a good bounce and get it. A kick out of the rough, a good bounce off a tree, a perfect lie in a bunker, stopping just short of a divot in the fairway are just some of the examples of luck that is needed.

A player who had bad luck was Charles Howell III. During his three-hour tour he played a great round of golf, and was two strokes off the lead standing 96 yards from the pin on 18. According to him it was the perfect distance, and he proved it as he flew the ball into the cup. Most of time this is a very good thing, but not today. Like a finger jumping back after a static electricity shock, his ball flew out of the cup, and landed in the pond fronting the green of all places. A tough break for a good player who has is game going good to start this year.

One final note on this weekend’s tournament. Don’t think that conditioning makes a difference in golf, think again. Tiger Woods is one of the best-conditioned golfers, and it paid off this weekend. He had the best back nine score on Sunday afternoon of a day where they had to play nearly two complete tournament rounds. I can’t help but think that his conditioning paid extreme dividends in this weekend’s tournament.

A Response to Sam

Sam Hieb has asked me to respond to the issue of celebrating on the opposing teams field after the road team has won the conference title game. From a professional perspective it makes sense from a logistical standpoint. Football teams are made up of 53 players, a coaching staff, support staff, management, etc. I don’t have exact numbers, but I think it is safe to say that we are easily talking about 100 plus people that you are going to try to fit into a locker room, and then bring in the media to cover the event for the live broadcast, as well as print media, and we are talking about a bunch of people in a confined area. Also, if you have the celebration on the field, you only need to have one plan in place. If you are going to hold it in a locker room you need to have two distinct plans (regardless of there similarities). Another factor to consider is that the NFL has always embraced the television audience, and having the celebration on the field allows for the TV viewer to embrace the moment at a higher level. Finally, I think the NFL teams have it right in treating the locker room as a place of sanctuary for the players. Less media intrusion allows them to celebrate as a team without the presence of cameras and reporters.

As for your reference to the Panthers celebrating in their locker room last year, I think that came out of need for player safety. The jail built into the old Veteran’s stadium was not a novelty idea, but created out of necessity. I think if the Falcon’s had won they would have celebrated in their locker room out of necessity. The Steelers have proud football franchise, and the Rooney family has to be one of the classiest ownership groups in all of sports. That respect carries to the fans who root with all their heart for their team, but have respect for their opponents as well (if this had been the Browns it might have been a different story, but that won’t be an issue any time soon).

From a fan’s perspective (and yes, I am a die-hard Patriots fan) being able to celebrate on the opposing teams field is the right that you have earned after coming into hostile territory and earning a victory.

Take the perspective of the Ryder Cup (just to keep up the golf theme here). When the Europeans destroyed us on our home turf this past year, they earned the right to celebrate on the course, not have to go to a locker room to do it.

Not the most organized thoughts I’ve ever had, but I’m still giddy over the victory.

January 21, 2005

Greensboro Golfer Report

As anyone who has poked their head out the window, or walked outside today, it is not the greatest of weather days. Granted, it is January and this should be expected, but man, I had days like this. So in order to warm my spirit thought I would take a look at the PGA Tour leaderboard for he Buick Open being played in San Diego. Lo and behold they are under a fog delay, so maybe there is some justice in the world.

In checking the leaderboard, I noticed that Grimsley graduate Carl Pettersson is having a bit of an off day (3 over after 12) on the South Course after a great round of 6-under yesterday on the Nothern version. For those that don’t know the South Course will be hosting the U.S. Open in 2008 and is currently playing to over 7,500 yards so a couple of birdies and Carl will be right on the scoring average for the course.

Carl had a very solid year on tour last year, and it is good to see him getting off to a good start this year. Keep an eye on his play this year and let’s all hope he pulls out a victory this year.

January 20, 2005

Bringing Together Beauty & Billboards

While it has been and continues to be my goal to focus on sports, pop culture, and create a site for diversions from the drudgery of the day, I have some ideas regarding a local issue that I would appreciate input on.

As most everyone knows by now (if I know then it must be old news), the Greensboro City Council, and the Guilford County Commissioners have been battling about Painter boulevard and the ‘scenic corridor’ that some want.

I should clearly state at this time that I do not know everything about this topic, as it is one that has not drawn my interest. However, in a nutshell as I understand it is that some do not want to have billboards on the Urban Loop / Painter Blvd. Personally, I don’t care about billboards. It is a marketing medium that companies like to utilize, and depending on what reports you want to read, they are an effective tool. It also allows the landowners to create a revenue stream off their land. As long as they are paying taxes on the revenues generated, then in my mind it is a win for everyone as revenue is generate for the advertiser, the company that places the billboard, the land owner that allows the billboard on their property, the city/county (in tax revenue), and the consumer who was inspired to buy / shop at the company advertised.

Since some want this to be a scenic corridor with limited or no billboards, the sides are at obvious opposite sides of the argument, but what if there was a middle ground? Driving on HWY 70 between Stoney Creek and Greensboro the other day I say a billboard titled “Art In The Air”. It was a picture on a billboard and was sponsored by Lorillard Tobacco. It was a different concept and definitely caught my eye.

Why doesn’t a politician suggest this as an alternative to the squabbling that is now occurring over this issue? Instead of billboards in the sense that we know them today what if we took the “Art In The Air” concept mainstream? I envision selecting local artists work and then the work is prominent on the billboard with the sponsoring company having space for logo / directions / other information that is less obtrusive. It seems to me that this would allow for the billboards to be put to use, but in a way that was not as unsightly as they are traditionally viewed. This is just a rambling thought on this issue, and I am sure poorly worded, but it seems like a good idea as I type this.

So please fellow Bloggers let me know what you think. Does this even merit further consideration? Is it a feasible concept? Has it already been proposed? It seems to me that it could be a good start at reaching a compromise. The capitalism gets to continue, but in a way that supports local artists, and keeps some form of beauty (of course the works are open to interpretation) on the billboards providing a new definition of a ‘scenic corridor’.

I hope this creates some interesting discussion over time, and I promise to get back to information that requires less thought soon.

January 19, 2005

We're Number Two!

Spent some time today figuring out what to post today. Originally I was going to break with my focus on sports and instead post on the train wreck that American Idol. But I decided that I don't want to promote that show any more then they already are. So instead, I took a look at my alma mater's website and took a look at the sports team.

While I realize that most everyone is not a follower of collegiate golf, it is worth noting that the Guilford College Quaker golf team is ranked second nationally after a strong showing in the fall season. See press release here.

I consider myself fortunate to have attended Guilford (even though I am still paying for it), and I am also appreciative to Coach Jensen who kept me on the team two years longer then he really should have. Luckily not too many were trying out when I was there.

While NCAA Division III does not draw tremendous attention (especially in the non-mainstream sports), it should be noted that Guilford has perenially been ranked in the top 10 and are now poised to make a run at finishing the regular season number one and make a strong run at a national title.

So keep plugging away Guilford Golf Team as this looks to be a great year for you and that school.

January 18, 2005

Warm Thoughts On A Cold Day

Let’s face it; here in Greensboro it is a little cold today. Forget that, it’s @#$#$%^ freezing out today and I hate it. Golf is out of the question, and so is just about any outdoor activity, unless of course you want to join (or start) a polar bear club, or head up to the mountains for a little skiing. So, instead I am forced to sit here in the office and pontificate on warmer times, and while Mr. Sun has some great suggestions for the cold weather, I would like to offer one up that might not cause others to question your moral fortitude as much. We are less than a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training.

There are many questions that will bear watching in the upcoming season. Will the Red Sox defend their title? Will the Yankees be able to take advantage of the AARP discounts most of their players will be eligible for? Will Barry Bond’s head shrink back to normal size once he stops taking those clear and cream concoctions that he does not know anything about? Will my fantasy baseball team climb out of the basement (it better or I might fire myself as GM)? These and all the other questions will be answered as time goes on.

So give yourself some warm thoughts thinking of baseball and summer for this cold spell will pass (global warming assures of this, right)

Note: This post originally included discussion of the team here in Greensboro, but it had turned into too much of a dissertation (about three pages) so I am working on parsing in down to a point where you might actually be interested. I'll have something on that soon.

January 17, 2005

Taking Pride in the Pats

After reversing the course of history (at least in the eyes of many ‘football experts’), the Patriot’s are one step closer to defending their Super Bowl championship after dismantling the vaunted Colt’s offense. Some notes from the game:

Bill Belichick absolutely owns Peyton Manning. Manning actually played a pretty good game last night, but it was the same result that has been happening on a regular basis. Patriots win, Colts lose. It is as simple as that. It was huge that the game was at the razor (Gillette Stadium), and a smile crossed my lips when I saw the snow falling. The weather in New England is basically a twelfth man for the Patriots.

Tom Brady is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. All this guy is win football games. The next time he loses in a playoff game will be his first. Not bad for a 6th round draft pick.

While the Colt’s defense is not one of the greatest of all time, Dwight Freeny can flat out play. I have never seen a defensive end come off the ball so fast on EVERY SINGLE SNAP. This guy is quite disruptive and will be a force for some time.

Corey Dillon is one of the best second round draft picks of all time. That is all the Patriots had to give up to trade for him with the Bengals. Now throw in this was his first playoff game in an eight-year career and you have a guy that wants to play.

The bye for New England was huge. Not many talked about it, but their regular season bye was in week three. That meant the players had a lot of football on them without a break.

If the MVP was awarded to a guy that truly meant the most to his team, Troy Brown would get my vote. This guy is the slot receiver, returns punts, and oh yeah he plays nickel back for the Pats as well. That guy must be dead tired after covering Stokely all game.

So now the Patriots go into the field that ketchup built (Heinz Field) and here is a stat for you to think about. Since 2001 the Patriots are 14 – 0 (including playoffs) when they face the same quarterback for the second time in a season. As bad a Big Ben looked, this is a great stat leading into the AFC Championship.

Sony Hawaiian Open – The Once Again, It’s Vijay Day

The Sony Open wrapped up the PGA Tour Hawaiian adventure, and it proved to be an exciting event with Vijay Singh shooting a final round 65 to beat Ernie Els by a shot. While the result is not that surprising, the way it came about provided some drama.

Els has just shot a course record tying 62 to be tied for the lead in the clubhouse meaning that someone still on the course had to beat him or he would be in a playoff. Enter Vijay Singh. If you remember last week he lost the tournament when he hit a snipe hook on a par 5 that led to a bogey. So here he is on the 18th tee (par 5) facing a tight driving hole that requires a slight draw, and of course the wind is hurting. What does he do? Nothing except step up on the tee and absolutely nut a tee shot that everyone to a man calls the best shot of the tournament. This leads to an easy two-putt birdie and his first win of the year. During the interview he mentions how it took him a solid practice session with nothing but the driver to give him the confidence to hit that shot. That is why he is the world’s number one golfer right now, and there is not even any question about it.

While the tournament came down to two of the worlds best, the lead story was still the play of Michelle Wie. She missed the cut (as I predicted earlier), but she still managed to beat some quality players including a member of the European Ryder Cup team that decimated the US squad this past fall (Paul Casey). While it is impressive that a 15-year-old girl can hang with the best players in the world, what is more impressive are the comments that are coming from the players. When they talk about just listening to her hit the ball they say it sounds like just about every pro out there. I still feel that she has the most talent of any 15-year-old golfer (boy or girl), and I think that she should continue to accept the invitation from the sponsor for this event, as it is good for her, good for Sony, and good for golf in general. However, she should focus on winning at the amateur level before she continues to venture into the world of the pros. I agree she has earned the right to participate if she chooses, but I still feel she has not won enough to be a regular force on the professional tours.

January 14, 2005

Tilt - Too Soon To Tell

Watched the first episode of ESPN's new original series TILT last night and so far, I am disappointed, but maybe I am just expecting too much.

It should be noted that I am an ESPN junkie to the point that it is the default channel for my cable system at home and it is also my home page when I go on the internet at work (yes, I have a problem). While their movies leave much to be desired as shown in their recent attempt with 3 - The Dale Earnhardt Story (I just want to race daddy!!!), I was very impressed with Playmakers and disappointed when they did not create a second season. Rumor was that the NFL forced them not to, and that would not surprise me given that just about every story line is now actually happening in the NFL, but I digress.

Anyway, given my love for ESPN entertainment, my love of poker, and my respect for the creators of Rounders I was excited to say the least. However, after the first episode I'm not so sure I want watch more. As my friend Bluecarp said, "...the bigger the smartass, the bigger the player." seemed to be the premise of the entire show. There was no flow, and no continuity to setting up the characters. They seem to be trying to make them complex individuals, but not giving any enough time to establish themselves. And by far one of the weirdest scenes was a flashback to a twelve year old girl playing cards in a Vegas suite, beating a mobster for $7,000, and the only parental figure is the game manager, just plain weird.

Anyway, I will surely check out next week's episode, but right now Tilt does not look like a good bet.

January 13, 2005

BALCO Annonces New Product

With MLB getting ready to announce a new steriod policy sometime today, BALCO has taken a proactive approach and come up with a new 'designer performance enhancer'.

Expect a press release soon announcing the new "clear cream"

In all seriousness this is a great thing for baseball and a long time coming. You have to realize there is a problem when according the baseball' collective bargining agreement a player can inject steriods on the pitcher's mound (or first base) at Yankee Stadium and nothing would happen.

Now let's see how they go about enforcing it.

Global Warming Is The Greatest Thing Ever!

It is the middle of January in a state where it should be about 45 degrees for a high. Instead, the weather has been great.

In fact, I was able to head over to the driving range last night after work and get a practice session in. Trust me, with the swing changes I am working on this year every opportunity to practice is a great thing.

I love global warming.

January 12, 2005

A Great Winter Diversion

Went bowling Sunday night with friends for the first time in about 4 years. Some things that I have forgotten about bowling include:

  • It is a great excuse to drink beer
  • It is easy to gamble on
  • Many people are much better then me
  • Did I mention what a great excuse it was to drink beer
  • And finally...

It beats the snot out of me. I am just now getting over the soreness in my leg and hip. I'm not a fine tuned athelete by any stretch, but I can hold my own with people in my situation (i.e. husband, father, employee, business owner, wordsmith, etc.) but for some reason bowling just makes me hurt for a couple of days afterward.

Oh well, time for another beer.

The Phenom is in the Field

The Sony Open gets under way tomorrow with coverage on ESPN. While 25 of last years winners are in the field, they are not the big story. Instead, everyone is talking about a 15 year old girl.

Michelle Wie has received a sponsor's exemption for the second consecutive year. If you remember she played last year and missed the cut by one shot and beating about 48 PGA Tour professionals including the now defending Player's Champ, Adam Scott. This year she has set a goal of finishing in the top 20 in the tournament and that is great. However, should she even be in the field?

This is not a question about women's rights or ability (which I truly believe that she has), but rather whether this is a good move for her career? From a marketing standpoint (for bot her and Sony, who gets tremendous ROI for this event) it is brilliant as it gives her more exposure in a week then most golfers get in their lifetime (and she is not even a professional yet). However, she has absolutely no chance of winning this event. I just feel that it would be much more beneficial for her to spend time beating the snot out of her peers.

I don't often agree with Tiger Woods and what he says in interviews, but he nailed it in an article by Bob Harig where he talks about the best thing for his development not as a player, but as a competitor was that he was not allowed to move up a level regarding competition until he was routinely winning at his current level. This makes perfect sense if you think about it. She is playing with virtually no pressure in these PGA and LPGA events because no one expects her to win. Instead she should just focus on playing the junior events, kicking everyone's butts (boys included) and then move up to the adult amatuer level. Once she has established a solid amatuer record then consider teeing it up with the pros.

January 11, 2005

Does Moss Grow On The Moon

During the day yesterday, the football story was about Randy Moss mooning the fans at Lambeau Field. I feel that it is time for a regular person to offer his two cents on this issue.

Here is how I see it. It was silly, childish, and it could be argued that it was somewhat crass. However, it was still a little funny. I don't like Moss as a person because of what has been reported on him, and what he has said in interviews, but this was basically a harmless prank meant to get back at the Packer fans.

A little background. When the Packers win a home game the fans wait by the visting team bus and actually moon them on their way out of town. It is a silly tradition, but if they are willing to drop trou in zero degree weather, well more power to them. The Vikings and Packers have been bitter rivals for some time now (40 plus years), and like they say, payback is a bitch.

It was silly and stupid, but it in no way deserved the coverage that it got.

January 10, 2005

PGA Tour....These Guys Are Really Good!

So the PGA tour got underway this past week in Hawaii. I know, it is a tough gig if you can get it, but some interesting things came out from this weekends activities....

Stuart Appleby might be one of the most underated PGA Tour members. All he does is play a consistent game with one of the best swings around.

Vijay Singh still has that chink in the armour that he has always had. The dreaded 'way left' ball reared its ugly head and cost him the tournament.

Tiger Woods will now be scrutinized for his putting. He had a week where he hit the ball better then he has in about 18 months, but did not make a single putt. So, instead of people talking about how great he hit the ball, watch for the critics to talk about his putting problems. For those that don't know he was one of the best putters on tour last year, so be sure to keep an eye on this subject.

I think Ernie Els is starting to press a little and it is going to hurt his game. He is a great player, who ran into one heck of a string of bad luck in the majors last year. So he is standing on the 18th tee needing a birdie on an easy par 5 to force a playoff and fails to accomplish this. Losing the ball right like he did tends to be the result of a golf swing not as loose as it should be. Don't know if this is the case, but just something to watch.

All in all, it was an exciting tournament with skewed statistics, but I think this is going to be a wide open year that will surely provide excitement and fodder for those who choose to watch.


I don't know about anyone else, but it seemed that the Wild Card Weekend this year lacked energy. The games were good, but they did not have a great feel to them. Maybe it was because 3 road teams wond and you lost out on the cheering fans, or just the fact that some of the teams are rather boring, but regardless, I just did not get sucked in like I usually do.

Regardless, the Patriots start their defense and get a chance to beat Peyton and the Colts for the third time in about a year. The media will play up that this is not the teams playing each other, but rather Peyton Manning vs. Bill Belichick. It seems rediculous, but if you look back at the past matchups, Manning is not the same quarterback when he plays the Pats. Look for more of the same on a cold day at the Razor.

January 07, 2005

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Ok, if you all will have me, I have decided to throw my hat into the world of blogs, and the Greensboro, NC ‘blogsphere’ in particular. This post will be longer then what I hope my regular postings to be, but since this is the first step in the journey, I should let you know how the decision was made.

Over the last couple of months I have become a blog reading ‘junkie’. Special thanks must go to David Hoggard for his Hogg’s Blog. It has been a tremendous read and has helped re-kindle my desire to become more of a citizen of Greensboro as opposed to a resident. Through reading his blog I have become aware of blogs by others that I find myself reading on a regular basis both for information and diversion. Bloggers such as David Wharton, Ed Cone, Sam Heib, and others have all done a tremendous job of bringing me into the loop from a passive standpoint, and I have made a decision to become an active participant.

I am not much of a political aficionado, so for the most part I will leave those topics to others that can cover the issues at a much higher level then I could hope to achieve. I’m not saying I won’t comment on other posts, or offer my own insight, but for the most part look for me to shy away from this aspect of life. I will however be speaking on topics such as pop culture and sports (golf in particular).

A little history about myself revolves around being born and raised in the Boston, MA area (so expect lots about the Red Sox and Patriots) and coming to Greensboro to attend Guilford College where I spent four great years (that I am still paying for today!). Upon graduation my life led me to a stint as a golf professional at a local private golf club where I was able to meet some great people and expand my contact base in Greensboro.

Once I realized that this was not the right fit for me, I decided to try the professional world and I am currently employed as a Marketing Manager for a local company. However, as of late I found the golf bug calling my name and I have recently opened a side business that feeds my craving. Short Game Central is a business that I have started that offers all aspects of club repair as well as specializing in custom-built wedges and putters. So if you are a golfer, or know a golfer in need of equipment or repairs please send me an email at
shortgamecentral@gmail.com and I’ll let you know more about what we can do. I am also in the process of developing a website and will make everyone aware when that is up and running (hopefully sooner rather than later).

From a personal standpoint I live in Aycock Historic District with my wife and 10-month-old daughter (yes, she already has me wrapped around her little finger). We love Greensboro, and are very happy that we have made it our home. That is why I mentioned becoming a citizen as opposed to a resident.

Well, that just about covers the history lesson for today. I hope that you enjoy what you see from this blog from this point forward.

January 05, 2005

Getting Started

After spending so much time as of late reading the posts of others in the Greensboro, NC 'blogsphere', I have become such a junkie that I feel the need to become an active poster. We will be keeping this site on the down-lo until we get a chance to figure out exactly what we are doing. Until the next rambling