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The GrunkleGuru

Grunkle is a slang term for the thick rough on a golf course that I have been using for many years. Given my penchant for inaccurate tee balls, I have become a bit of a guru out of the thick stuff, hence the name. This is a site for my random thoughts about sports (espeically golf) and life in general. While nothing special, it will hopefully offer a break from the daily drudgery for both you and me.

January 27, 2005

Solving The Problem Of Too Much Sleep

While I realize that most people do not have the above problem, I am sure that it afflicts more then we will ever know. However, I have stumbled across a scientific breakthrough that might solve this global problem.

Step 1 - Have your wife give birth to a beautiful baby girl

Step 2 - Watch her grow up for about 10 m0nths

Step 3 - Notice how she has the uncanny ability to wrap you around her tiny finger

Step 4 - Wait for her to get about 4 new teeth at the same time, and viola...

A perfectly inconsistent sleep pattern.

I hope this is solution proves helpful for all who need it.

Time for coffee!


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Gate Keeper said...

Don't worry, Guru.

Wet a wash cloth. Freeze it. Let her gnaw on it. It feels good to her and is a better solution than gnawing on your finger.

Use tylenol for fever, if she gets those with new teeth. My 18-month old always does.

She will feel better in a couple of days, and her smile will be pretty soon.


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