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The GrunkleGuru

Grunkle is a slang term for the thick rough on a golf course that I have been using for many years. Given my penchant for inaccurate tee balls, I have become a bit of a guru out of the thick stuff, hence the name. This is a site for my random thoughts about sports (espeically golf) and life in general. While nothing special, it will hopefully offer a break from the daily drudgery for both you and me.

April 14, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion

I’ve always gotten a chuckle out of Terrell Owens’s quote, “I love me some me.” Today, I want to take this quote to heart and use this space to give myself some love.

More specifically, I want to plug the company that I launched last year Short Game Central. SGC specializes in custom-built wedges and putters for golfers of all abilities. Additionally SGC also handles all types of club repair including re-shafting, re-gripping, and re-grooving.

I have over 15 years of experience in the golf business, and understand how much of an impact properly fitted clubs to have on a golfer’s experience. A few examples include the fact that worn grips can add up to three shots per round, wedges with the wrong lie angle can cause perfectly stuck shots to end up left or right of target, and the wrong shaft can have a tremendous impact on distance and/or accuracy.

If you are a golfer, or know a golfer who is in need of these services please let me know by dropping me a comment here or send me an email to shortgamecentral@gmail.com. I offer free pick-up and delivery in the Greensboro market, as well as shipping throughout the country.

Thanks for taking time to read this, and please think of Short Game Central for all of your golfing needs.


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