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The GrunkleGuru

Grunkle is a slang term for the thick rough on a golf course that I have been using for many years. Given my penchant for inaccurate tee balls, I have become a bit of a guru out of the thick stuff, hence the name. This is a site for my random thoughts about sports (espeically golf) and life in general. While nothing special, it will hopefully offer a break from the daily drudgery for both you and me.

May 31, 2005

Glad Everyone Had A Good Time

Well, we made it back to Greensboro yesterday. The trip to Boston was a surprisingly good time, and included a wedding, a Christening, a dinner party, and a tour our Fenway Park (pictures to come later). One thing we learned that I will throw out to others. If you are traveling with small children do not take the airline up on the offer to board ahead of everyone else. It is just more time for the little one to have to sit still. Instead, wait until everyone else has boarded and then go on. This seemed to work quite well for us.

From everything I have read and heard from attendees, Hoggfest was a huge success. I’m sorry we could not be there, and that we could not do more, but I think it is safe to say we will do everything we can to be in attendance for future Hoggfests.

Some additional notes:

Turns out I might be decent at the fantasy golf thing after all. I finished in the top 10,000 this week (a major improvement) even with one of my guys not starting. Look for a great tournament this coming week at The Memorial.

Went to the doctor today and confirmed that I tore (not strained) my hamstring last weekend playing softball. Not too bad, but the bruising is just starting to come to the surface and it looks pretty knarly. Anyway, out of action for a while, which means I will not be able to play in the Bryan Amateur this year. Too bad, I was looking forward to gunning for Patrick. Oh well, maybe next year.

May 26, 2005

Weekend Quick Hitter

Just some quick thoughts:

- I’m leaving for Boston today so feel free to talk amongst yourselves. When I return I will be sure to regale you all with the joys of air travel when accompanied by a 15 month old. That is unless you see us on the news first.

- I have been remiss in complimenting YES! Weekly. They wrote a great article, and the talent level at that publication is quite impressive. Now, what do I have to do to crack the Top 10 (or make page 3)?

- I saw a news article where people are complaining about the budget and where money is being allocated. I will have more to say next week on this, but for people to select out $150,000 or a $352million dollar budget seems silly. Bryan Park is a jewel for the city and should be maintained as such. Like I said, more on this next week.

- Everyone better get themselves to Hoggfest this weekend. It should be a great time, and there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is for a great cause as well.

Take care, be safe, and we’ll speak next week.

May 25, 2005

This One's Got To Be A Winner

After last week’s disappointing showing as a fantasy owner, it is time for redemption. That’s right, I analyzed the stats including fairways hit, past performances, trends, birdie conversion rates, putting averages, scores shot on sunny and overcast days, and even seeing how a person shoots wearing a striped shirt with plaid pants (yes, the embarrassment is typically worth 3.38 shots per round). After looking at all that I decided to resort back to my tried and true method. Throw some darts and hope for the best. Here’s this weeks roster for the Guru.

David Toms – Even though he is in a legal battle with his agent (seems the agent can’t explain the $12,000 Sable hat he expensed out), Toms owns Southwind. I would typically avoid a two-time defending champ, but his record is too strong here.

Tim Herron – Those of you who have met me face to face know I have got to pick a guy named Lumpy for my roster.

Ben Crane – His last name is that of a bird. Which naturally flows into birdie. Let’s hope he makes lots of them.

Matt Kuchar – He is on the roster because of his ACC ties. Also, he is a great value on a course he is has always played well on.

Shaun Micheel – No real reason other then he fit under the salary cap with the above four.

So that’s the roster for the upcoming Fed-Ex St. Jude Championship. Perhaps not the strongest roster you could come up with, but these are the guys I’m going to battle with.

May the Force be with us.

May 24, 2005

The Lifeguards Wish To Thank News 2

Had News2 on this morning as I was getting ready for work, and they were kind enough to offer some swimming safety tips.

Their first one was, and I'm not kidding, Learn To Swim.

I don't know why, but for some reason this seems like a keen sense of the obvious.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

The Implosion Was Cool But...

Some random thoughts on yesterday’s implosion:

Excellent coverage on the implosion of the Burlington Industries building by both the blogging community and mainstream media. I want to cite Chewie, Wharton, Cone, and Lenslinger for some great posts. Also, I don’t know who Anon. is, but they posted at Hoggard’s and Chewie’s sites with a great piece of writing. Don’t know if I agree with them, but still some thought provoking writing.

For those interested, the implosion was played on the news out of Augusta, GA according to my folks. I don’t know what affiliate it was, but it was still a big enough deal to make the news in other states.

I do think they missed a great marketing opportunity over this event. I can understand the sadness that some feel, and the frustration that others feel regarding the mentality of destroy and rebuild instead of refurbish (I feel that way at times as well), but this really could have been one hell of an event.

Friendly Center could have hosted a big festival type event with stores doing sidewalk sales and other events to draw shoppers. Then, as night falls, the entertainment moves to the viewing areas where there are bands set up putting on a show. Then, around 9:00 the shows end to a fireworks display being set off around the BI building followed by the implosion of the building itself. That would have been cool and people could have made a day of it.

In other words, do it Vegas Style. I know I would have been there.

May 23, 2005

Catching a Nap On Tour

Not much excitement on the PGA front. Kenny Perry went ahead and waxed the field at the Bank of America Colonial winning by seven shots over Billy Mayfair. It was so boring that the commentators on CBS were definitely struggling to fill in the time.

It should be noted that they did a great job in keeping the battle for second interesting as Rod Pampling managed to cost himself about $450,000 on the last hole. I still don’t know what he was thinking. He is in the middle of the fairway 90 yards from the hole (after just flat nutting one down the fairway) yet he manages to put it the only spot he can get into trouble – long and left. That sums up the drama of the week.

What made the weekend even more anti-climatic was the fact that this was the first time in about three months that we saw a tournament without an exciting finish. It seemed like the concept of parity had taken hold on the PGA tour, and anyone around on the weekend had a chance to win. Instead this week we saw a battle for second. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but the golf was impressive nonetheless.

Meanwhile on the LPGA front, we saw one of the young players step up and claim their first victory. Paula Creamer started shaky, but birdied three of her last five holes (including a birdie on 18) to win the Sybase Classic. Oh yeah, she is only 18 and will not get receiving her high school diploma until this weekend. Not too shabby for a girl.

Fantasy Update: I don’t think I came in last, but I do think it was close. My ranking for this week was 36,663rd so there are no cash and prizes coming my way this week.

Weekend Roller-Coaster

Diverse weekend for the Guru, and while none of it involved golf, it was quite an adventure.

The weekend started off on an ominous note for as I was waiting to pull out of a parking lot, a car backed into me. No injuries to report, and it should not be a big deal as I filed the claim today with the other driver’s insurance company. Names will be withheld until it is resolved. At lease it was a civilian.

Note: For those that don’t know, the civilian reference is intentional, as my family has been a victim of governmental immunity in the past. A few years back, a police officer (while talking on her personal cell phone) ran a stop sign, t-boned a car through the intersection and proceeded to slam into my wife’s car and total mine.

After leaving the scene of the accident I did the best thing I could for myself given the situation. I won money playing poker. Nothing huge, but enough to walk away in a good mood.

Saturday was capped by the Preservation Greensboro cookout held at Sternberger Park in Aycock. The food was great, the people friendly, and the entertainment rocked. The Aycock Middle School drum line performed for us, and I was blown away. These kids were great. I hope that they start getting some more publicity because they most certainly deserve it.

Sunday ended on a bit of a down note. Softball game. Bottom of the first, two outs, I’m on second base. Sharp single to left field. Third base coach sends me. Halfway home hamstring pops (I both feel and hear it). I manage to score the run, but am out for the rest of the game. I hate getting hurt, and this one is actually pretty bad. Don’t think it is torn, but I need it to get better.

Golf wrap-up coming soon.

Big Linky

Time for another


This one is worth reading and supporting. She is going through a tough time so drop a line of support.

May 20, 2005

Three Out Of Five Ain't Bad

Well, just took a look at the Bank of America Colonial leaderboard to see how my guys are doing.

Mickelson - Even - still on course
Baird - 6 under - round complete
Leonard - 3 under - still on course
Hamilton - 3 over - still on course
Beem - 4 over - round complete

With the cut looking like it will stay at one over I think I will be getting three guys into the weekend.

Not great, but definitely a little boost of confidence.

May 18, 2005

Meetup Tonight

For those of you interested we are having our monthly Greensboro Weblogger Meetup this evening.

7:00 at Panera Bread on Lawndale Avenue (Greensboro, NC)

See you there.

Jimmy The Greek I'm Not

Ok, we all know by now how bad I am at making picks for the PGA Tour. In fact, I think my pick has missed the cut in every week since the Masters. Not the greatest batting average, and most definitely worthy of a demotion to the minor leagues.

But instead of accepting that I suck at this and moving on to more profitable endeavors (like writing a blog), I have decided to take my game to the next level. That’s right, I signed up for Fantasy Golf. Now, instead of picking one guy and ruining his week, I get to pick 5. Talk about a power trip. Here’s how it works.

Each week, I get $1million to spend on 5 players participating in the current week’s event (this week is the Bank of America Colonial) and compare my skills against tens of thousands of other prognosticators. Without further ado here is this week’s roster:

Chris DiMarco ($296,750) – He has not won in a while, but he has been playing very well as of late.

Justin Leonard ($248,000) – The Texas native always plays well in this event, and seems to be getting his game in shape.

Todd Hamilton ($235,000) – A great wind player who has been putting up some solid rounds

Briny Baird ($137,500) – Any man who addresses a putt the way he does must have a lot of confidence in his game

Rich Beem ($75,000) – He hasn’t done anything since his PGA victory, but he seems like a good guy

So there is the roster for this week. Now, let the fun begin.

May 17, 2005

These Guys (And Girl) Are Good

One word can describe the golf that we saw on the PGA and LPGA tours this past week.


On the PGA front, the news of the week was Tiger missing the cut. While it is ironic that Woods missed his first cut in 142 events (discussion here and here) at Byron Nelson’s tournament, it took away from what became a breakout performance by a couple of players. The tournament went to Ted Purdy who shot a 5 under 65 on Sunday to earn the win, but I think the victory went to Sean O’Hair, who has managed to overcome some pretty big demons and is showing signs that he could very well be a force to reckon with in the years to come. While there is plent of young talent out on tourn, here’s the scary thing.

He’s 22 years old, but is a 5-year veteran of professional golf. Instead of being able to enjoy life as a teenager, and then competitive team golf in college, Sean’s dad decided to sign him to a management contract that would require Sean to pay his dad 10% of all winnings for the rest of his life. That’s right; daddy was so supportive of his son that he made him sign a professional management contract at the age of 17. There is a great article (from which I got my info regarding this story) in GolfWord by Steve Elling here.

This topic (pushy parents) most likely needs its own post, but I am so disgusted by this story I don’t know if I can. All I know is if my daughter (or any future children) show a propensity and ability in some endeavor, athletic or otherwise if you see me acting like Sean’s dad please shoot me. This guy is so vindictive that he is not considering a lawsuit, but rather waiting for the right time to fax copies of the contract he forced his son to sign in order to embarrass him via the media. Real nice.

But that’s the thing; Sean has taken the high road throughout this whole thing. He refuses to speak in detail regarding this, and has instead chosen to move on with his life. While he did not win on Sunday, he played strong (shooting a 68), and played with maturity beyond his years.

Meanwhile, on the LPGA front, Annika proved that her failing to win at Kingsmill last week was an anomaly. Instead she went out and decimated a very strong field (92 of the top 100 in earnings) by 10 shots at the Chik-Fil-A. She is just so much better then any other woman playing the game. I would venture to say that if there was a way to create a level playing field for co-ed golf tournaments (I don’t think there is), she would be in contention more often then she is out of it. It is flat out scary how good she is playing right now.

May 16, 2005

One Streak Ends While Another Continues

Let me get this out of the way first. Carl Pettersson missed the cut at this past week’s championship keeping my streak making picks who miss the cut alive at 153. This shatters the made cut streak of Tiger Woods that ended this past week. But here’s the thing. The streak is bogus.

I must confess that another Greensboro blogger posted on this before I did (nice piece by Patrick Eakes), but I want to expound on his observations a little.

I agree that the Tiger streak was bogus. During the streak (which lasted 142 events) he played in 111 events that had a cut. The other 31 did not have a cut. The way I look at is, if there is no cut to miss, then there is not cut to make. You can’t have it both ways.

In fact, I’ll take it a step further. Byron Nelson originally held the record at 113 straight cuts made, which was just as impressive, and even more so given that Nelson was playing golf simply to earn enough to buy his Texas ranch. However, back in the day the cut concept was a little different. Back then, you only earned a check if you finished in the top 20 of a tournament. In other words, for 113 straight events, Byron Nelson never finished outside of the top 20, in fact, he never finished worse then 17th. I’m sorry, but that is flat out impressive. But that figure also explains the reasoning behind the PGA Tour’s definition of a made cut.

The tour is defining a made cut as earning a paycheck. In theory this makes sense. That definition allows for no cut events such as the Mercedes Championship, Tour Championship, and etc. to count as a cut made. By this thinking, you would have to say that Tiger has made 142 straight cuts.

However, he has not finished in the top 20 for 142 straight events, or even 111 events. Tiger’s play during the streak has been impressive. As much as he struggled last year, he showed plenty of mental fortitude and desire to keep the streak alive. I just have a problem with not giving Byron Nelson his proper due.

The Big Link

This week we bring you another edition of:

The Big Link

A great writer with insightful commentary. He'd be even better if he wasn't from NYC.

May 13, 2005

Congratulations To The Quakers!

Wow, that was an old fashioned whooping that the Guilford College Men's Golf team put on the rest of the field at the NCAA Division III championship played at the Mission Inn Golf & Tennis Resort. Some of the astounding numbers include (see article here for all the details):

- Their 25 shot margin of victory was seventh in Division III history

- Three players (Colin Clark, Dave Patterson, and Brant Stoval) earned All-American Honors

- This is the second national championship in 4 years (also won in 2002)

- Colin Clark defeated Dave Patterson in a playoff to win the individual championship

Not to shabby for a little Quaker school in Greensboro, NC.

So congratulations to Coach Jensen, and the entire Quaker golf team. You have done your school proud.

May 12, 2005

Things Are Looking Good

Carl Petterrson shot a 3-under 67. Good for a tie for 17th.

Guilford College has a 29 shot lead with 7 holes to play.

Things are looking up for the Guru

May 11, 2005

The Battle For Greensboro Dominance!

There’s a battle a brewing down in Florida this week, and it involves two of Greensboro’s schools of higher education.

Heading into the final round of the NCAA Division III golf championship, Guilford College leads all schools with a 3-day total of 884. In second place is Greensboro College with a three-day total of 904.

For those unaccustomed to collegiate golf here is how it works. Each school places a team of 5 in the field (there are also some individuals invited to participate as well). The team championship is decided over four rounds where each school takes the top 4 scores of the day.

I’m alumni biased on this one, being a Guilford grad (and struggling on the team for a couple of years), but is exciting to think that one of these two golf powerhouses could be bringing a national championship back her to little ole Greensboro.

Dashing Someone's Dreams Yet Again

Time for another installment of what I have decided to lovingly call Missed Cut Mayhem. In other words, here is my pick of the week.

This week the tour stops in Texas for the EDS Byron Nelson Championship. This is definitely one of the big ones on the regular tour. Byron Nelson is revered by many in the golfing community as one of the greatest of all time, including a year (1945) when he won 11 tournaments in a row, a feat that will never be accomplished again.

This tournament also features the top 5 players in the world (Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, and Retief Goosen), but once again, I am not going to take the easy road. Instead, I decided to look beyond the numbers, and focus on the pairings for the first two days.

While golf is a solitary game, the players compete in assigned groups of three during the first two days of the tournament. Some might disagree, but I feel that even these guys play better when they are playing with someone they know, and more importantly like. They understand their pacing, personality, and quirks. Having this information can go a long way towards allowing a golfer to get comfortable and into their own rhythm.

Therefore, after many seconds of research, I have come to the following conclusion. I should put my money on Carl Pettersson this week. Not only is he a product of Grimsley High School right here in Greensboro, NC, but he is playing with a good friend, Hank Kuehne.

These two formed a friendship a few years back while playing on the European tour, and it is my understanding that the relationship continues to this day.

So play hard Carl, my mortgage is riding on you.

May 10, 2005

Well, I Just Got Hosed!

Well, I am officially calling out the Washington Post for a glaring omission from a recent article done on blogs and golf. It mentioned the following sites (which I read, and am glad to promote here):

- Bad Golf Blog

- SortaGolf

- Travelgolf.com

- Golfer’s Asylum

All of these sites are good, and I congratulate them on getting some great publicity. However, I cannot help but feel a little short changed by the whole situation.

Do I not write about golf?

Am I not a blogger of consistent posting?

Am I not a member of the blogging community in a world-renown blogging hotbed?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding yes. So where’s the love? Man, I need to get a new publicist (well, I need a publicist first).

May 09, 2005

Upsets Galore

This weekend was just riddled with upsets in the golf world. In fact, while it is not getting much press, I would go so far as to say that no one would have predicted what happened:

Having qualified for the Rex Hospital Open (a Nationwide Tour event in Raleigh, NC) through a Monday qualifier, Eric Axley went on to win the title and a tour exemption for the remainder of this year plus 2006. I don’t think most people realize just how difficult this feat was. Monday qualifiers are typically 100 plus golfer vying for 2 – 4 slots that are available for that week’s event. So after making it through the qualifier, Axley had to suck it up and play a 72-hole stroke play event, including a 36-hole final day due to weather delays.

On the LPGA tour, it is hard to believe that someone not winning their sixth event in a row is considered an upset, but in the case of Annika that is how I would define it. She is far superior to the rest of the players on tour, and when she is in contention she usually finishes off the deal. However, this weekend proved different as she played the first 3 holes of her final round in 3 over, basically eliminating any chance of setting a new record on the LPGA tour. Still, congratulations must go out to Christie Kerr for her victory at the Michelob Ultra Classic in Kingsmill, VA.

Finally, the PGA Tour saw another exciting finish. This marked the third consecutive event decided by a playoff, and the 12th straight that was not decided until the 72nd hole or later. I guess we could steal a line from football and say, “On any given Sunday, anybody can win”.

Regardless, it looked like Sergio was going to put an end to this dramatic nonsense this week at the Wachovia Championship. After all, he had a 6 shot lead heading into the final round, and we are talking about the 9th best golfer in the world. He has won before and knows how to hold onto a lead. Well, not this week.

His swing was bad all day on Sunday (it looked like he was getting too steep on the downswing to me), and he was struggling to hold on and win this prestigious event. However, Vijay Singh and Jim Furyk were rolling the rock to the tune of 6-under 66s, and managed to make it a 3-way playoff. Special props have to go out to Furyk for birdying 18 to get into the playoff. That was a tough putt he had, and he absolutely center-cut it.

Sergio was out after the first playoff hole, tying him for the biggest final round collapse in tour history. It took three more holes for Vijay to finish off Furyk to earn his third title of the year.

Lots of excitement on the golf front this weekend, and it showed just how fickle the golf gods can be.

The Big Link

Yep, I'm late to the dance as usual, but somehow the world keeps spinning.

Another edition of:

May 06, 2005

I Can't Bet Golf, But How 'Bout The Ponies

Here we go again. Apparently Notah is not as ready as I thought he was. Shot 80 yesterday to make sure my streak of picks missing the cuts continues. Oh well, at least now I can focus my attention on the sport of kings and focus on my picks for the Derby.

Even though I was raised around horses, I have no innate ability to pick winners. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. After all, just having money sitting in your pocket does no good. You need to put your money to work. Granted, it might soon be working for someone else after I place my bets, at least it is working, and not causing problems for society.

Here are my top four horses in no particular order:

Afleet Alex – Very impressive in winning the Arkansas Derby by 8 lengths

High Fly – Should get some medium odds, and with Jerry Bailey in the saddle only good things can happen

Noble Causeway – Has a great distance pedigree and is a true closer

Buzzards Bay – For some reason I always like the horses that win the Santa Anita Derby. Don’t know why.

Some of you might have noticed that I left off the early favorite Bellamy Road, and this was quite intentional. While I like the horse, I can’t let my money work for the leader of the Evil Empire. Wouldn’t be prudent.

So take what you want out of this. If I were you I would not put anything on these horses since we all know what my betting track has been. But every day is a new day with new opportunities so you never know.

May 05, 2005

Disturbing News On The Local Golf Front

Man, it is a sad day here in Greensboro. I had been hearing rumors and rumblings for a while regarding the closure of a local golf course, and I bit my tongue until I could get some confirmation. Well, I was able to confirm my worst thoughts the other night.

This year will be the last year for Twin Oaks Par-3 golf course. For some time now the owners of the property have been pressured by developers to sell the property, and for obvious reasons. Recently, a developer made them an offer they could not refuse, and to be honest I cannot blame them. I don’t know exact figures, but I get the impression that a couple of generations will be taken care of by the sale of the property. So look for more town homes on Hilltop road in the coming years.

The fact that they sold out does not really bother me that much. It is hard to blame them given the financial windfall that will come their way. Still, I am bitter for selfish reasons.

I am not a native of Greensboro, but ever since I came down here to attend Guilford College it has felt like home. Many nights were spent having too many brews and playing golf with friends on warm evenings when the bars just seemed like a boring option. Nowadays, I am part of a group of 10 – 15 regulars that tee it up on Tuesday nights for some friendly competition. After this year that option will be gone.

There is no other par-3 in the area that is lit up at night (I know Bur-Mil is lighted, but it is only 9 holes closes at 9:00 in the summertime), and without that option, the golfing options are limited. Man, this just bums me out.

Anyone want to loan me a couple of million so I can develop a new par-3 facility?

May 04, 2005

Muting Expectations

Well, it is that time of week again. Time to take a PGA Tour player’s dreams of victory and dash them with a few subtle strokes of the keypad. Yep, it is time for my pick of the week.

For some time now I have posted my pick to win the weekly tour event (example here). The results have not gone well for the players (or my wallet), as it has seemed to have a mysterious power to lead to errant shots, double and triple bogies, and most times a missed cut. Well, I am going to take a new stance on this. I will consider it a success if he makes the cut and gets some TV time on the weekend. Granted, it might be for throwing his bag in a lake after making a 12 on a hole, but at least he made it on TV.

I will still follow my policy of skipping the easy picks such as Tiger, Vijay, or Phil because that is not as fun. Instead, I will go with the obscure and try to give them a little bit of publicity. So anyway, onto the pick.

This week I am going with Notah Begay III. He is playing on a medical exemption, but has had success here in the past. I also like him because in the past he has followed a unique putting practice that I tried. Depending on the break of the putt he will put either right-handed (for right to left breakers) or left-handed (for left to right breakers). Turns out he was actually quite successful with this method as he has 4 career victories.

I myself tried this method once, but since I seem to be dyslexic when it comes to reading greens the game just got confusing.

So there you have it. Good luck Notah. I wish you the best in making the cut.

This Blog Thing Is Actually Pretty Cool

For a while, I was wondering if people were actually reading this drivel that I put out on a mostly daily basis. I know some friends read it, and some people even comment every once in a while, but I never expected the long distance readership I discovered this morning.

While checking my email today I received words of praise from a Scotsman from St. Andrews at that. For those who don't know golf, St. Andrews is our version of Mecca. This guy seems like quite a character, and was here in NC last winter which he writes about here.

This was definitely a cool thing to see, and gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Update: For some reason the text got garbled. The above post is now in its correct form.

May 03, 2005

Taking A Break From The Enlightenment

Wow, there is a fascinating discussion going on here in the Greensboro Blogsphere regarding anonymous posting. Many of my brethren are talking about varying philosophies at Greensboro News & Record blogs by John Robinson & Allen Johnson.

To delve into those big-brain, big-thinking discussions could prove disastrous for yours truly as I am neither big-brained nor big-thinking. Trust me, bad things would happen.

I do have a solution for those of you who are looking for a nice diversion from intellectual thinking. Play golf. Better yet, play golf according to your astrological sign.

My wife brought home a book the other day, Golf Astrology by Michael Zullo. I chuckled when she gave it to me, but then I started reading about my sign, Virgo. Here is a synopsis:

Strength lies in your ability to analyze any situation and come up with a solution.

You don’t panic on difficult shots

You take a business like approach to your golf game

Other Virgo golfers include: Arnold Palmer, Raymond Floyd, Tom Watson, and Lee Janzen.

The funny thing is that most of the statements are true. I can usually find the best solution (execution is a different story), Like they say in the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, I don’t panic, and I do look at a golf round from a business perspective. Heck, I even own a golf business (Short Game Central – providing quality club repair and custom built wedges and putters).

I also know that anytime I can be associated with the above golfers, it is not a bad thing.

So, I am going to take my own advice and go play golf. It’s Tuesday and that means Par-3 shoot-out.

May 02, 2005

Zurich Classic Wrap-Up

The PGA Tour's Zurich Classic of New Orleans wrapped up in exciting style on Sunday with putts being made and missed on the 18th hole including:

- Tim Petrovic making a 20-footer to tie for the lead and eventually get into a play-off

- Chris DiMarco 3-putting the 18th to miss out on a play-off

- James Driscoll missing a 6-foot birdie putt to win in regulation then 3-putting in the playoff to give the tourney to Petrovic.

You have to admire Petrovic and his dedication to his dream. He went broke in 1993 trying to earn a living as a professional golfer, and spent 5 years as a pizza store manager before finally getting the opportunity to fulfill his dream. Actually, you have to admire his wife, who let him continue on the nomadic lifestyle as he followed his dream.

The TPC of Louisiana looked like it was a great layout for a PGA event, and should provide for some dramatic tourneys in the years to come. Some notes about the course:

- The drainage is amazing. 4 inches of rain in the morning on a course with a total of 4 feet of elevation change would typically lead to disaster and delays. Instead they were playing in the afternoon, and the course looked firm and fast on Sunday.

- The greens are quite subtle in their breaks. More then once the announcers said that a putt would break one direction, and it went the exact opposite. High comedy.

- Once this course matures and the rough grows in look out. At 7500 yards and thick Bermuda rough this will be one tough puppy.

The Wachovia Championship is coming up this week down the interstate in Charlotte. This event is quickly turning into one of the best on tour, and should provide plenty of interest. Keep your eyes peeled for the weekly picks and then you will know who to bet against.

It's Back...

Once again it is time for


I highly reccomend this one as it is one of the few that actually is willing to talk about the great game that is golf.