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Grunkle is a slang term for the thick rough on a golf course that I have been using for many years. Given my penchant for inaccurate tee balls, I have become a bit of a guru out of the thick stuff, hence the name. This is a site for my random thoughts about sports (espeically golf) and life in general. While nothing special, it will hopefully offer a break from the daily drudgery for both you and me.

May 16, 2005

One Streak Ends While Another Continues

Let me get this out of the way first. Carl Pettersson missed the cut at this past week’s championship keeping my streak making picks who miss the cut alive at 153. This shatters the made cut streak of Tiger Woods that ended this past week. But here’s the thing. The streak is bogus.

I must confess that another Greensboro blogger posted on this before I did (nice piece by Patrick Eakes), but I want to expound on his observations a little.

I agree that the Tiger streak was bogus. During the streak (which lasted 142 events) he played in 111 events that had a cut. The other 31 did not have a cut. The way I look at is, if there is no cut to miss, then there is not cut to make. You can’t have it both ways.

In fact, I’ll take it a step further. Byron Nelson originally held the record at 113 straight cuts made, which was just as impressive, and even more so given that Nelson was playing golf simply to earn enough to buy his Texas ranch. However, back in the day the cut concept was a little different. Back then, you only earned a check if you finished in the top 20 of a tournament. In other words, for 113 straight events, Byron Nelson never finished outside of the top 20, in fact, he never finished worse then 17th. I’m sorry, but that is flat out impressive. But that figure also explains the reasoning behind the PGA Tour’s definition of a made cut.

The tour is defining a made cut as earning a paycheck. In theory this makes sense. That definition allows for no cut events such as the Mercedes Championship, Tour Championship, and etc. to count as a cut made. By this thinking, you would have to say that Tiger has made 142 straight cuts.

However, he has not finished in the top 20 for 142 straight events, or even 111 events. Tiger’s play during the streak has been impressive. As much as he struggled last year, he showed plenty of mental fortitude and desire to keep the streak alive. I just have a problem with not giving Byron Nelson his proper due.


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