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The GrunkleGuru

Grunkle is a slang term for the thick rough on a golf course that I have been using for many years. Given my penchant for inaccurate tee balls, I have become a bit of a guru out of the thick stuff, hence the name. This is a site for my random thoughts about sports (espeically golf) and life in general. While nothing special, it will hopefully offer a break from the daily drudgery for both you and me.

July 06, 2005

Fix Your Bleeping Ball Mark

Over the last few weeks, I have found myself with the opportunity to play more golf then I have earlier this year. While there is nothing spectacular to report on my game (other then my amazing ability to achieve mediocrity), I have noticed a trend that must stop.

If you are playing a round of golf, please, for the love of God, take care of the course you are on. I’m not asking for anyone to do extensive maintenance, just basic stuff that should become habit every time you are on the course.

This includes two simple and easy things:

First, repair your divots. Most courses have sand mix on the golf cart and it takes no time to grab the mix and drop some in your divot. It allows the grass to heal properly and at a much faster pace. Down here in the south, where Bermuda grass is prevalent, do not replace the divot, as it will not grow back. Instead either use the sand mix provided, or kick in the edges.

Second, and more importantly, fix your #$@%^&# ball marks on the green! I cannot possibly take a stronger stance on the matter. It takes two seconds, and not only does it help the greens heal quickly (3 days as opposed to 3 weeks), but also it is just courteous.

If you hit the ball in the air and it landed on the green, I’d be willing to be you made a pitch mark. Simply take your repair tool (available in the pro shop if you don’t have one), gently push in the sides and tamp it down. If you need pictures you can find them here.

For those of us that love the game of golf, and relish every opportunity we get to play there is nothing more annoying then seeing a great round ruined because golfers in front of you do not take the time to show the courtesy you are tying to show those behind you.

I’m a strong supporter of the motto that states, “fix your own ball mark and one other” and always try to oblige, but wouldn’t it be nice if people took responsibility for their own ball marks?

Please, take it upon yourself to fix your divots and repair your ball marks. We will all enjoy the game more.


At 6:06 PM, Blogger Patrick Eakes said...

Well said, Guru!


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